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Premier Volleyball League

The USA PVL is a grass roots professional volleyball league for adult women.


2014 Tryout Registration Form (see below for a recent announcement regarding tryouts) 12-26


Tornados tryout attendees:


Thank you for your interest in the Great Plains Tornados tryouts.  At this time, the initial tryout is being postponed to a future date.  You will be notified about the new tryout details when they become available.


The following dates are potential competition dates so you can check your





Mar 8, 2014

Great Lakes PVL Women's Tournament

University of Illinois at Chicago

Host Team: Swing Away


Mar 22, 2014

Iowa Ice PVL Invitational

Iowa State Fairgrounds - Varied Industries Building Host Team: Iowa Ice


Apr 5-6, 2014

Show Me PVL Tournament

Kansas City Convention Center

Host Team: Heart of America Havoc


May 24-27, 2014

Women's PVL Championships (in conjunction with the 2014 US Open) Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ Host Team: Arizona Sizzle


We look forward to your future participation.


Great Plains Region


The Tornados use Rent-A-Van for all their local travel needs.
                        Omaha: (402) 933-2500   or   Lincoln: (402) 421-3400  





The USA PVL is a grass roots professional volleyball league that started in 2012.  It is made up of teams from among of the forty (40) regional volleyball associations across the United States. The USA PVL is sanctioned by USA Volleyball and will offer tournament play and a League Championship event each year.


In 2012 the PVL offered a single league championship event at the USA Open National Championships in Salt Lake City, UT. In 2013 (and beyond), the PVL will offer tournament play at various USAV Jr. National Qualifiers (JNQ’s) in addition to the USA Open National Championships. The league championships (after 2012) will take place in conjunction with the USA Volleyball Girls’ Jr. National Championship event that is held in various locations throughout the USA. The goal is to add a men's division in the near future and the league championships for the men will take place at the USA Volleyball Boys' Jr. National Championship event.


Post-collegiate athletes that are interested in participating in the PVL should contact their Regional Volleyball Association (RVA) office and inquire about their respective team. CLICK HERE to contact your respective RVA.




Q: What is the name of the pro league?  Who sanctions the league? 

A: The pro league will be called the Premier Volleyball League (or PVL) and will be sanctioned by USA Volleyball.


Q: Who is managing the league?

A: There are several experienced volleyball leaders who will manage the formation of the league:

    1.  Tom Pingel (USAV) - League Commissioner

    2.  Steve Bishop (Florida Region) - Asst. Commissioner/Regional Liaison

    *Additionally - The league will be governed by a committee of Regional PVL Directors


Q: Is this league for men or women?

A: In 2012 we will start the league with a women's division?  The plan is to add a men's division in 2013.


Q: What are the league rules?

A: The PVL has 4 basic rules for athletes

    1. No high school students

    2. No current college athletes

    3. Athletes must be a member of the region where they play

    4. Athletes must be a good role model

       (Note: Rules #1 & #2 are due to eligibility issues associated with an athlete maintaining their  

        amateur status.)

A: There are several additional rules for teams

    1. No international transfers (from other volleyball Federations)

    2. Rule of 2 - Limit of 2 athletes from out-of-region.  Any out-of-region athletes must be             

        approved by both Regional Leaders and the out-of-region athletes cannot be from an RVA    

        with a PVL team

    3. The host region may enter two teams into the PVL Championships when they take place         

        within their respective RVA.


Q: What teams will make up the Premier League?

A: As of this posting, the following teams have committed in 2012:

    1. Florida (Team Florida Wave)

    2. Iowa (Team Iowa Ice)

    3. Intermountain Region

    4. Puget Sound Region

    5. Arizona Region (Sizzle)

    6. North Texas Region

    7. Northern California Region (Dream Team)

    8. New England Region (Team New England)

    9. Western Empire Region

   10. Great Lakes Region

   11. Hoosier Region

   12. Evergreen Region

   13. Heart of America Region (Havoc) - Added for 2013


Q: Are there any other possible teams in 2013?

A: Yes, there are several other regions that are exploring the possibility of adding a team in 2013.  These teams will be added to the list above as they become available.


Q: Will the league have geographical divisions?

A: Yes, once the league reaches a certain size the USA will be divided into three divisions:

    1. West

    2. Central

    3. East


Q: Will there be any prize money for the events?

A: Yes, USA Volleyball has committed to providing $20K-$25K in prize money for the PVL Championships.


Q: Does the league have a website address?

A: Yes, the website is


Q: Who can tryout?

A: Any female athlete that is a member of the Region and is not in high school or college. (Note: Post high school athletes that are considering college should not tryout as playing on a pro team could negatively impact their amateur status and college eligibility!)


Q: Will my college eligibility be negatively impacted if I try out and do not make the team?

A: You should check with the compliance officer at your college to determine if this will impact your eligibility.


Q: What additional time commitments will there be for PVL?

A:  There could be a few more local tournaments or exhibition matches added.  Practices are going to be based on team availability.  Hopefully a practice the week of competitions at the very least.  Could be 2-3 practices per month.


Q: What kind of expenses would I incur being a part of the PVL team?

A:  All expenses should be paid for competitions, etc.  Various gear and uniforms should also be provided by a team sponsor.


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