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Parent Guide to Club Volleyball

Welcome to Club Volleyball!

This page was created to assist parents in making some decisions about club volleyball.  If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Great Plains Region volleyball office.  You may call 402-593-9670 during normal business hours, 9:00 - 5:00 Monday through Friday or you may email at any time.


Great Plains Volleyball is a Region of USA Volleyball.  When you register with a club that is registered with a region, you are joining not only that club, but the region and USA Volleyball.  There are 40 regions within the United States.  USA Volleyball is the governing body for volleyball in the United States.  This organization supports all of the United States National Teams including Men's and Women's indoor, Beach and Paralympic teams.  By becoming a member of the Great Plains Region, you are part of the team!


      USA Volleyball SafeSport    


Committed to Safety for All Participants

The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Volleyball. USA Volleyball has ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct.

This includes not only on-court safety, but also off-court safety in any part of USA Volleyball’s programs. USA Volleyball is committed to creating safe and fun environments for youth. This includes, but not limited to, providing training, educational materials and resources for our regions, clubs, coaches, parents and athletes.


When or How Should I Make a Report?

USA Volleyball requires the reporting of sexual misconduct by or of any member and strongly encourages reporting of any concerns related to SafeSport. Please read over the Report Abuse information to fill out a Report Abuse Form.

Call 1-855-306-7775 to Report Abuse





You get many benefits of joining a club registered with USA Volleyball.  Some of these benefits include:

-          Tournaments available in your area in each division every weekend from January through April.

-          Standardized tournament regulations and rulebook

-          Sanctioned and insured events for Great Plains members only

-          Background screened club personnel, coaches and officials

Screened for mutiple alcohol offenses, sexual abuse and violent convictions

-          Regional/state championships

-          Team ranking system (so you can see how your team ranks against other teams in your division)

-          Local office who can assist with advice, problems and concerns

-          Exposure to college coaches at all national USAV national events and national championships


Included with your membership is a secondary sports accident policy that covers additional costs related to injuries that occur during a Great Plains sanctioned practice, tournament or event not covered by your primary insurance coverage.



The choice to play USA Volleyball is an easy decision.  WHERE to play or who to play for can be a tough one.  Many factors may play a roll in deciding which club or team your daughter or son should play for.  There may be many questions you want answered.  Some might include:

- What age groups do you offer?
- How do you select your players/teams?
- How many teams do you have at each level?
- Who are the coaches at your child’s age division?
- What is the coach’s volleyball experience?
- What is the club’s philosophy? (Does everyone play?  Is it ‘play to win’?)
- How much will it cost for the entire season?  Do you offer a payment schedule?
- What is covered in that fee?
- Are there any other financial obligations? Travel? Fund raising? Uniforms?
- Where, when and how often do you practice?
- How long is the season?
- How many local tournaments will the team play in and how many tournaments will be out of town?


Don’t be afraid to shoot too high!  Don’t assume big clubs are better than small clubs.  Don’t assume a ‘paid’ coach is better than a ‘volunteer’ coach.  Most important of all – don’t listen to rumors!!  Ask questions of the club personnel.  Make sure you get information in writing.

This is a big decision from both a financial and time commitment standpoint and you should find out as much as possible before making a decision or paying a monetary deposit.



USA Volleyball is divided into age categories.  These age categories, or divisions, are based on the Age Definition chart set forth by USA Volleyball.  It is based on the player’s birthday.  To see what age division they would play, see Age Definition page on the Great Plains Region website under the Juniors tab.  A player may play in a higher division than the one they are in.



The Great Plains Region uses an online registration database to register their members.  This database was built by USA Volleyball and offers it to their regions.  Membership registration is required each year for any participants.  The membership season starts September 1 of each year and ends October 31 of the following year.  Your membership starts from the day you complete and activate your membership.  This activation can be immediate by completing the online registration and entering a credit card.  The fee is automatically charged and the membership becomes active. This also creates a record in our database and creates a username and password for the individual.  Each person who registers will have their own username and password.  Each year you decide to play after that first season, you will use the username and password to log into the database and renew your membership.  Your login information should be kept secret but in the event you forget your login, there are ways to retrieve this information.  [Registration Instructions]



Many clubs will have tryouts to determine their teams for the season.  Or, some clubs may not have any tryouts.  This is up to the individual club and their organization.  We do not have a specific tryout date.  The Great Plains Region has a signing or commitment date.  For more information about the commitment date, see Commitment Date below. 


The Great Plains Region website ( has a Tryouts page.  This page lists any club that will be having tryouts, that is wanting us to post it on our website.  You can find this page under the Juniors tab.  It will list the age division, time, date, and facility for tryouts.  Many clubs may have tryouts on the same date.  Check the tryouts page on a daily basis as it may change from day to day between September and November.


TRYOUT PARTICIPANTS:  Anyone participating in tryouts MUST complete their online registration but does NOT have to pay for the membership at the time of registration.  When the player has been selected for a team, you will then log back into your account (See Member Registration) and pay for the membership at that time.  When you have completed the transaction you will also then be able to select the club they will be playing in for that season.



The Great Plains Region does not have a specific date for tryouts.  The clubs set their tryout dates.  Junior players may attend as many tryouts as they can make.  They may only commit and play for one club during a given season.  The region only acknowledges a specific commitment date as the earliest date a player can commit to a club/team.  Any commitment before this date would not be recognized by the region.  Many clubs have some sort of written agreement or contract between the player and the club.  This contract is between the player and the club.  They may also use a Letter of Intent, which is a form that binds the player and the club for the season.  This Letter of Intent is the only document that is acknowledged by the region as a contract between the player and the club.  Any other contracts are only between the player and club.  Many club contracts are different.  Make sure you know what you are signing.  An example of a Letter of Intent may be found on the Junior Forms page under the Juniors tab.



All clubs are autonomous.  They operate individually with their own rules and regulations.  Many clubs have their own website which can also be a great source of information when deciding which club. The Great Plains website has a Club Listings page which can be found under the Juniors tab.  This is a list of clubs for each season that has registered with the Great Plains Region.  Each club is required to send us a club application/profile each year they register.  This profile gives you a little information about the club and who the Club Director is.  It will have contact information for that director. 


The club listings page is updated on a regular basis as the region receives them.  Check it daily early on in the season.  We also leave the list from the previous year on our site.  This lists clubs that were registered the year before.  Early in the season, many clubs may not have registered yet for the current season but are planning to.  The previous years' list can be accessed for that information.



Club sports require some monetary commitment.  This amount can vary greatly.  Most clubs can work with a player to come up with some sort of payment plan if needed.  What are you getting for your money?  This type of question should be asked and if possible, get it in writing.  You have the right to know what you are paying for.  Any exchange of money is between the player and the club.  The Great Plains Region does not interfer or get involved in any cases of collection or re-imbursment of club dues.  Be sure you feel you are getting what you paid for.




Youth Health Information: 


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