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Officials Manual



1.    USAV Domestic Competition Regulations and Region Modifications
     1.1     Synopsis of Major Changes for 2011-2013
          1.1.1    (for a complete version of all changes, see the Domestic Competition Regulations book)
     1.2     Procedures for Dealing with Blood (from DCR) USAV
     1.3     Officiating Techniques, Mechanics & Procedures (Pages 118-131 from DCR)
     1.4     Procedures for Conducting a Match (Pages 226-233 from DCR)
     1.5     USAV–NFHS–NCAA Rule Comparison 2012-2013
     1.6     USAV Rules Interpretations
          1.6.1    Interpretation Bulletin #1 January 2011
          1.6.2    Interpretation Bulletin #1 – February 2010 - Completed Rally
          1.6.3    Ball Handling Guidelines
          1.6.4    Interpretation Bulletin #2 – March 2009 – Location of Coaches
     1.7    Region Rule Modifications for Juniors- 12’s Step-in Rule and Libero Serving
     1.8    Region Rule Modifications and New Jewelry Rule for Adults

2.    Scorer Rules and Materials
     2.1    Great Plains Region Points of Emphasis for Scorers
          2.1.1    Assistant Scorer Responsibilities
     2.2    Scorekeeping Materials
          2.2.1    Tips and Reminders Page
          2.2.2    One Page Scoring Summary (Non-deciding Set
          2.2.3    One Page Scoring Summary (Deciding Set)
          2.2.4    Regular Scoresheet
          2.2.5    Junior Two Set Scoresheet
          2.2.6    Deciding Set Scoresheet
          2.2.7    Libero Control Sheet
          2.2.8    Line-Up Sheet
     2.3    Great Plains Region Scorekeeping Sample Sets
          2.3.1    Written Instructions
          2.3.2    Sample Set - Sets 1-2
          2.3.3    Sample Set - Deciding Set
          2.3.4    Sample Set - Line-up Sheet
          2.3.5    Sample Set - Libero Tracking Sheet

3.    Junior Referee and Line Judge Clinic Materials
     3.1    USAV Basic Referee Training Clinic Slides
               (this is available as a PowerPoint presentation from the Region office)
     3.2    Great Plains Region Points of Emphasis for Junior Referees and Line Judges
     3.3    Great Plains Region Junior Officiating Clinic Outline
     3.4    Referee Aid Summary
     3.5    Second Referee Responsibilities

CHAPTER II – Junior Player and Junior Coaches Information

4.    Junior Coaches Requirements
     4.1    Website to take coaches tests –
          4.1.1    Referee test - Form C (password GPN729)
          4.1.2    Scorer test - Form C (password GPN729S)
     4.2    Website for Junior R2, Scorer, and Line Judge Training (password given in presentation)
     4.3    Voluntary Junior Player Certification Requirements

CHAPTER III – Professional Officials Information

5.    Professional Officials Certification Requirements
     5.1    Officials Certification Requirements
     5.2    Great Plains Referee Observation and Rating Forms
          5.2.1    Regional Scorer Rating Form
          5.2.2    Regional Referee Evaluator’s Rating Form
          5.2.3    Basic R2 Evaluation Form
          5.2.4    Basic Line Judge Evaluation Form
     5.3    GPRVA National Candidate Application Forms
          5.3.1    Great Plains National Scorer candidate Application
          5.3.2    Great Plains Junior National Referee candidate Application

6.    Information for Refereeing in the Region
     6.1    2012 Important Dates
     6.2    Referee Pay Sheet
     6.3    Instructions for Entering Availability
     6.4    Day Officials Responsibilities and Report/Pay Form
          6.4.1    Day Officials duties
          6.4.2    Day Officials Report Form
     6.5    Officials Program Board Contact Information
     6.6    Officials Program Board Administrative Manual

7.    Additional Officials Information
     7.1    Interaction with Coaches
     7.2    Instructions for Junior Player Officials Certifications


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