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National Championships Information

2016 National Championships Information


Great Plains Bid Tournament Dates

Maximum of 8 teams per division, double elimination

March 13, Sunday:  18 age division Bid tournament at TBD

April 23, Saturday: 12-14 age division Bid tournament at The Courts Volleyball Training Center

April 24, Sunday:  15-17 age division Bid Tournament at Nebraska Elite Sports & Fitness Complex



Click here for more information from USA Volleyball about the Girls' Junior National Championships (Ages 11-17).

Click here for more information from USA Volleyball about the Girls' Junior National Championships (Age 18).

18s Implementation Plan

Girls Age Division Schedule (Indianapolis, IN)

GJNC Deadlines

BJNC Deadlines


Click here for more information from USA Volleyball about the Girls' National Qualifier Events (Ages 12-17).

Click here for more information from USA Volleyball about the Girls' National Qualifier Events (Age 18).



2015 Great Plains Finishes




The Great Plains Bid tournament (qualification for the region’s allotted bids at the USA Volleyball National Championships) will be held on Sunday March 13 for 18's, Saturday April 23 for 12’s – 14’s and Sunday, April 24 for 15’s – 17’s.


All teams are eligible to register for the Bid Tournament. However, only the eight highest ranked teams in the Region that have registered for the Bid Tournament will be selected to play in the Great Plains Bid tournament.

Teams wanting to be considered for possible inclusion in the bid tournament must register using the Great Plains Region Online Tournament Entry System (OTES) Send the Official Entry form, from the OTES, to the region office with the entry fee ($220) by Friday February 26, 2016 (18s)/Friday April 8, 2016 (12-17s).

The eight teams will be selected based on the region rankings on the Wednesday (March 2 18s/April 13 12-17s) following the Friday bid tournament deadline.


  • Teams selected to play in the bid tournament must complete all of the JNC paperwork on-line with Advanced Event Systems (AES) and must submit copies (along with your check made payable to USAV JNC for the entire entry fee) to the region office by the following Friday (March 4 18s/April 1512-17s) after the team is notified. 
  • The entry fee for the Bid tournament is $220.
  • The bid tournament format is double elimination.

Teams that qualify for the USA Junior National Championships (whether through the region bid tournament or at a USAV National Qualifier) may receive some reimbursement from the region per the team participation policy. A specific amount has been budgeted. The exact amount each team will receive will be determined based on the total number of teams that qualify. Reimbursements will be sent at the conclusion of the National Championships.

Teams that participate in the Great Plains bid tournament must be prepared to accept a bid if they should win or are next in line to receive a ‘trickle down’ bid. If a team does not accept the bid and does not play in the division in which it won the bid, each individual member of that team is subject to the same sanctions as per the USAV National Bid Qualifier Manual (regardless of the club/team affiliation for the next year).







1)  Why do we have to register for the National Championships before we know if we qualified or not?

Teams that participate in the Bid Tournament must be ready to accept a bid when they qualify at our Bid Tournament.  There is very little time between when our Bid Tournament is held and the deadline to submit entries to the National Championships.  This way, everyone's registation is ready to go as soon as they qualify for the National Championships.


2)  Do we have to send the entire entry fee?  Does the Region supplement teams that qualify?

Yes, the club must submit the entire entry fee for each team.  Yes, the region does supplement teams that qualify.  This is actually more of a reimbursement.  When the team qualifies, the club's check will be sent and cashed at the USA Volleyball National office.  Some time, typically in June, the region will reimburse the clubs for some portion of the Nationals entry fee.  Reimbursement will be based on number of in-region events that the team has participated in.


3)  What if I qualify at a National Qualifier after I have sent my paperwork to the region office.

If the region has received your entry form and fees already, we will send the entry form and club's check to the National office.  The email that will be sent, from USA Volleyball to the team that qualified, will say to send directly to USA Volleyball. Since the region already has the check, the region will forward your check for you.


4)  What if I get an American Bid at a qualifier, can I still play in our Bid Tournament?

Any team who qualifies with an American bid at a qualifier is still eligible to play in the region bid tournament.  Note:  If that team finishes with a National Bid in our Bid Tournament, the American Bid they earned at the qualifier goes back into region reallocation pool.  This means it cannot be passed on to the next team in our region waiting for a bid.  This also means the team would only be eligible for the allotment of money from the region like all other teams who qualified at the Bid Tournament.  If they elect not to play in the Bid Tournament. they can keep their American bid from the qualifier and have the entire entry fee paid for by the region.


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