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National Championships Information

2014 National Championships Information


2014 Great Plains' Finishes


Teams that have qualified for the 2014 Girls Junior National Championships at National Qualifiers

TEAM DIVISION Where They Qualified
Premier 12 Black 12 American Colorado Crossroads
MVP 18 Top Gun 18 American Colorado Crossroads
Neb Impact 141 Banzai 14 Open

Disney Showcase

MVP 14 Stealth 14 American

Show Me

Click here for more information from USA Volleyball about the Girls' Junior National Championships


2014 Bid Tournament Team Announcement - posted 4/17

2014 Bid Tournament Teams - updated 4/22 2:30p


The 2014 Great Plains Region Bid Tournament will be held on Sunday, May 4 (12-18s)


To register for the Bid Tournament you must complete the following:


1)  Register for the Bid Tournament using the Great Plains Region Online Tournament Entry System (OTES)

Send the Official Entry form, from the OTES, to the region office with the entry fee ($175) by Friday, April 11.


The Great Plains Region Bid Tournament for the 2014 season will only accept the top 8 teams based on the tournament system rankings as of the Wednesday (April 16, 2013) after the Friday deadline (April 11, 2013) to enter the bid tournament.


If your team is accepted into the Bid Tournament:


2)  Register your team for the Girls Junior National Championships in the Advanced Event Systems (AES)

Send the Official Entry form, from AES, to the region office with entry fee ($900).


Instructions for AES can be found at:


2014 Division Summary

2014 Girls Playing Schedule by Age Division


2013-2014 Girls Bid Allocation

12s Bid Allocation

13s-18s Bid Allocation


2013-2014 Reallocation Order

12s Reallocation Order

13s-18s Reallocation Order


2013 National Championships Information


The 2013 Girls Junior National Championships were held in Dallas, TX.  June 28 - July 5, 2013.


Final Finish for 2013 GP teams at USAV Girls Nationals


Teams that qualified for the 2013 Girls Junior National Championships at National Qualifiers

TEAM DIVISION Where They Qualified
NE Elite 15 Black Ice 15 American Colorado Crossroads
NE Elite 16 Fury 16 Open Show Me
MVP 17 Blue 17 American

Show Me

Nebraska ONE 13 Dynamite 13 USA

Show Me

Neb Impact 131 Banzai 13 USA

Northern Lights

Premier 13 Gold  13 USA Show Me
Neb Impact 181 Shihai 18 USA Northern Lights
Omaha Wave 181 18 Open Northern Lights







1)  Why do we have to register for the National Championships before we know if we qualified or not?

Teams that participate in the Bid Tournament must be ready to accept a bid when they qualify at our Bid Tournament.  There is very little time between when our Bid Tournament is held and the deadline to submit entries to the National Championships.  This way, everyone's registation is ready to go as soon as they qualify for the National Championships.


2)  Why do we have to send the entire $900 entry?  Does the Region supplement teams that qualify?

Yes, the region does supplement teams that qualify.  This is actually more of a reimbursement.  When the team qualifies, the club's check will be sent and cashed at the USA Volleyball National office.  Some time, typically in June, the region will reimburse the clubs for some portion of the Nationals entry fee.  Reimbursement may be based on number of in-region events that the team has participated in.


3)  What if I qualify at a National Qualifier after I have sent my paperwork to the region office.

If the region has received your entry form and fees already, they will send the entry form and a check FROM THE REGION to the National office.  The club check for $900 will be either sent back to the club or may be shredded.  The email that will be sent, from USA Volleyball to the team that qualified, will say to send directly to USA Volleyball. Since the region pays the entire entry fee for any team(s) that qualifies at a qualifier, the region will submit the payment.


4)  What if I get an American Bid at a qualifier, can I still play in our Bid Tournament?

Any team who qualifies with an American bid at a qualifier is still eligible to play in the region bid tournament.  Note:  If that team finishes with a National Bid in our Bid Tournament, the American Bid they earned at the qualifier goes back into region reallocation pool.  This means it cannot be passed on to the next team in our region waiting for a bid.  This also means the team would only be eligible for the allotment of money from the region like all other teams who qualified at the Bid Tournament.  If they elect not to play in the Bid Tournament. they can keep their American bid from the qualifier and have the entire entry fee paid for by the region.


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